Dinner Lady

Wholesale Puff Vape Pen Dinner Lady, English Disposable Pods Wholesale

Main wholesaler of Vape Pen Dinner Lady, Wholesaler France offers you the Vape Pen of Dinner Lady wholesale. Dinner Lady is a brand of English e-liquids, it offers many flavors, especially gourmet which make it one of the most popular brands across the Channel. Dinner Lady is also a brand that knows how to innovate, as proof, they are among the first to have entered the world of puffs. For this, the brand has used what it does best: it has taken the flavors of its best liquids to make its disposable pods. In terms of equipment, Dinner Lady has opted for a very thin stick, the battery offers an autonomy of 350 mAh for a capacity of 2ml. What to vape for several days.

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